Tough conversations Kisumu people must have among themselves

Posted: June 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

Huku Kisumu

Tumaini When someone throws stones and destroys part of a supermarket just because they feel it’s not locally owned then I will need someone to define local. PHOTO: TONY HILLARY

Yesterday I had to walk home from work – no, that is not why I am writing this.I have actually walked home from work before. Mostly because I was broke and did not have 20 bob for that ride on a tuk tuk to Mowlem. At times it’s because I wanted to enjoy the evening breeze hit my face as I think about my life (when I was little my teacher would tell us to ‘go to the corner and think about your life’ whenever we did something wrong).

Yesterday I was neither broke nor in the mood to think about my life. I had actually left the office in Milimani driving home but found the roads impassable and…

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  1. Kefa says:

    I like this part , “it has to take its position as the hub of the East African Community”. Can you successfully preach that part to the villagers around Kisumu who seem to contribute to its destruction in every cycle of violence?


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