Runaway crime now threatening Kisumu’s growth – #KisumuLivesMatter #InsecurityInKisumu

Posted: August 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Huku Kisumu

For the past few months Kisumu residents have known no peace. Like village chicken they have been forced to go back to their homes by sunset as gangs wreck havoc in the lakeside city with impunity. Not even the recently launched Quick Response Unit that consist of specially trained officers with state of the art toys have managed to tame this crime wave.

Now the homes are not safe either, you get home early but they will still come and break your windows and doors with specialized equipment. What is sickening about this panga wielding gangs is that they do not stop at robbing. They come to kill as well and when they do not kill they maim but not before raping the women.

Kisumu residents are living in fear…the women cannot wake up early to get to Kibuye market for fresh supply of vegetables to their stalls. Those going…

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