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Posted: March 19, 2014 in Cancer Awareness, Faraja Cancer Support Trust, Rafting, River Tana, Savage Wilderness, Soprt, White waters challenge
What is the last time you did something for a good cause? … Scrap that, what is the last time you did something for a good cause and actually had fun while doing it? Well that is exactly what the “White water challenge” is all about – giving you an opportunity to have fun with your family, friends or colleagues while also helping fight against cancer. How cool is that!

Savage Wilderness and Faraja Cancer Support have joined forces to hold the first ever white water rafting challenge on the river Tana, near Sagana, to raise funds for Faraja Cancer Support to help people through the journey of cancer and its treatments.

A lot of people die of cancer every year because they cannot afford medication and support required for cancer patients. Faraja Cancer Support Trust is making lives of such people who cannot afford cancer treatment get medication and care. It uses such events to raise funds to support such programes.

This year they have organized an event dubbed “White waters Challenge” which will take place on 24th and 25th of May 2014 and you can participate on whichever of the days that is most suitable to you. The event will involve three fun activities: 1: A Rodeo event, 2: A Slalom Event, 3: A Downhill River Race.


Each team should consist of 5 people over the age of 10 years old. We will have up to 15 teams on each day. Anyone is welcome, you don’t need to have rafted before to join in with the fun!

 Savage Wilderness will provide an experienced and qualified raft guide for each team, who will be with you throughout the challenge. You will be able to ‘bid’ for your guide at the start of the day.

We will start the event with a warm up down through 3 major rapids.

The rodeo event consists of each team surfing a wave on the River Tana known as Fish Eye. The team that stays in the raft for the longest period of time wins the event. This is a timed event and we issue points depending on how long each team member stays in the raft.

(This will be held at the “Fish Eye” Rapid).


In the slalom event each team will race down a km section of the river in which they will have to pass through 5 downstream gates and 5 up stream gates. This event is both a timed event and there are points gathered as you pass through the gates without hitting them. (School Bend to the Gorge Rapid).

We will race a 4 km section of river. All the teams will start at the same place at the same time and race each other down 4km of amazing white water. The team with the fastest time wins the event. (We will start at Grand Slam and Finish at the Savage Camp).


We will be giving every participant a certificate of participation. There is a trophy for the overall winning team of the event, a trophy for the fastest team through the Slalom course, a trophy for the best team at the rodeo event and a trophy for the fastest team of the down river race. There is also a wooden paddle award for the losing team and there will be a trophy for the team that raises the most money for Faraja Cancer Support.

We are happy to have as many spectators at the event and during the day there will be a number of fun activities on offer. There are no charges for spectators to enter the camp.

Food stands at camp, tacos, shwarmas and samosas. Our bar will be open for sale of beers, Smirnoff and soft drinks. We will also be offering a BBQ lunch at 3pm in camp with a cost of 1000ksh per person, this includes two drinks.

Other Activities available for spectators include:

Mountain biking: 1500ksh per person for one and a half hours.

Zip lining: 500ksh per person for one flight across the river.

Shuttles to the rodeo wave and start point of the down river race: 200ksh per person.

Yoga class at 10am and 12 mid day free of charge

All clients are welcome to stay in one of our cottages or camp at an additional cost.

Please let us know if you would like to book accommodation.

During the course of the day, raffle tickets will be on sale at 100ksh per ticket.

Prizes include a free rafting trip for two people with Savage Wilderness, a bungee jump

for two people and many more amazing prizes.


All teams should consist of 5 people in which the deadline for registration is the 15th April 2014. To register your team you need to make a deposit of 50,000kshs. The balance (minimum 50,000ksh) should be paid by the 15th of April together with any additional funds raised until then.Once you pay your deposit, you will receive a fact sheet about Savage Wilderness, Faraja Cancer Support and cancer in Kenya, we will give you suggestions how to raise money for helping Cancer in Kenya and much more.

Looks like there is going to be enough fun for everyone and there is plenty of time to prepare for this and put up a team. Remember it’s having fun for a worthy cause and you never know it might be you or someone close to you who needs cancer support next time.

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