This is not about the digital government…I am sick and tired of them already that I won’t waste time talking about them and their policies or lack of it anymore (kuchoka nayo!!)

The “Digital Migration” is here with us…on December 14th 2013 some television sets will go quiet and blank just because we love to wait till the last minute to get things done. We have had several bodies including media owners going to court to stop the migration. We have had this information since 2008, those reasons don’t make any sense to me.

I would advice anyone who is not already watching digital TV to get himself or herself a set-top box or a decoder, you will most definitely not regret the experience. I first got into this digital craze when I bought my first decoder in 2011. I had just received USD200 from United Press International for an article they bought from me. It was my first substantial pay for freelance writing and I decided to buy myself a gift. The gift then was a ZUKU TV Satelite Dish and Decoder.

The clarity of pictures and the amazing quality of sound was something I fell in love with instantly. I was now able to view all local channels without that rice-like distortion. On top of that I would as well view my favorite news channels such as BBC, Al-Jazeera, MSNBC, Sky News, Bloomberg among loads of documentary channels. My girlfriend was even happier than me because I was always home early from work just to watch TV.

I had to pay Ksh. 2,000 every month for my premium subscription but I gladly did it because I could not imagine going back to watch poor quality signal. I later sold my ZUKU on OLX and upgraded to another Multichoice Product because of my new-found love for local football. My wife know that the first thing I do every month before even shopping for the family is paying subscription for my TV. I can’t do without the crystal clear picture of digital TV.

I choose pay TV as my option when it comes to digital TV because I can afford it and it gives me the option of watching international content when it comes to sports, news, entertainment and documentaries. That does not however mean that for you to enjoy digital TV you have to pay monthly subscription – that is a choice you make. You can enjoy digital TV without paying anything extra after purchasing your set-top box from an authorized dealer. Click here to get a list of CCK approved set-top boxes and authorized vendors.

I however think that the government should compel existing pay TV distributors to have a free package for free to air channels so that their clients can enjoy viewing local content even when they don’t subscribe.

If you got the means though I would advice you go for pay TV…

In other unrelated news

The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE – last week launched the Western Kenya Chapter of BAKE with Daniel Ominde being named the regional point-man for BAKE. The organization is planning a series of events that are aimed at developing online content in the region and helping content producers get advertising opportunities.

If you are a blogger or are interested in blogging and you are from Western Kenya (Nyanza, Rift Valley and Western Provinces) get in touch with me on my e-mail or through the coments sections of this blog or on my facebook page.

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