I am one of the many people who hipped praise on the Jubilee government when it took over the reigns of power following the first round victory in the Presidential election, praises that earned me ridicule and all manner of names from people who thought I should have been supporting the other side based on the first letter of my last name – Ominde.

I will also not sit and watch the same government loose it in the name of blinded loyalty or in fear of being called fickle – as one Eunice Odada likes to call me. I am neither loyal to anyone in government nor fickle. I have a stand, my stand is what is true and good for this country’s prosperity.

Today i sit and look at the kind of legislation being brought to the house by the majority side and wonder where our priorities are. In the face of poverty, unemployment, high cost of leaving (due to taxes) and poor healthcare our government is focusing its energies on muzzling the press, muzzling the civil society and discussing bills about the president and his deputy’s personal tribulations at the Hague.

It is indeed sad to see taxpayers’ hard earned money spent on several trips abroad by the Cabinet Secretary for foreign affairs in the name of championing the African Agenda at the UN and ICC while the truth of the matter is that The People of Africa and indeed the people of Kenya are not at trial in The Hague. Our President and his Deputy are – the President himself even publicly refers to the issues facing him as “personal challenges.”

What I really don’t understand is why we are making it a government business and even wasting more time discussing the conduct of our former colonial masters in parliament – paying our MPs to discuss someone’s private woes. Makes me wonder what else this parliament will be discussing!

So what if Britain, USA, France and the rest dint vote in the UNSC? Does that warrant cutting diplomatic ties?

I for once thought that with the exit of President Moi and the enactment of the new constitution we had an autonomous parliament that is not another arm of the Executive. One Adan Duale acts and talks without thinking…the speaker of the National Assembly is also in bed with the executive. I miss the Solomonic wisdom we had in Kenneth Marende. He was an ODM sponsored speaker in the last parliament but his rulings were as neutral as they could get.

So in protest to the West not supporting impunity the government through parliament decides to revenge with Duale threatening to close foreign military training camps in the country and Kenya reconsidering it’s involvement in Somalia…I thought the operation in Somalia was called “Operation Linda Nchi?” “Nchi” is Kenya…we went to Somalia to protect our boarders not to help the USA and Britain. Somebody please school me on this Duale logic!

Let us not lie to each other…the crimes that are being tried at the ICC were not committed on behalf of Kenyans. If anything we are the victims here. We lost loved ones and friends and property. We want justice for those crimes. It is wrong for the African Union to come out and claim that the ICC is against Africans. Did they consult us before sending emissaries to the UNSC or to the ICC?

It is very evident that African leaders want to enshrine impunity as a way of life in the continent. Look at the EAC for instance, what are they now doing to the very sobber Tanzania? They now call it a “Coalition of the willing.” Willing Dictators, Willing Thieves, Willing Rapists, Willing Murderers? What exactly are they willing to do?

Before Amina Abdala goes out there and rant about how the West is conspiring against Kenyans let her first ask Kenyans for their position through a referendum. Most of us do not support the idea behind postponing the trials at The Hague because we want justice too. If they are innocent like they claim let justice take it’s natural course and they have their say in court.

Today they are running left and right telling the world how Kenya is a sovereign state that cannot be dictated to by Western powers. Nobody has denied that we are a sovereign nation, we are and we will fight to remain sovereign. What I don’t see is the relationship between our sovereignty and the personal cases facing Uhuru and Ruto at The Hague.

I remember the other day after the UNSC vote which Kenya lost one Racheal Shebesh was calling it “madharau from the West”…she was so angry you could see the veins on her neck. Then I ask myself is she knows what “madharau” really is. Does she even have the moral authority to stand in a podium and talk about “madharau?”  I will leave that at that point lest I get charged with defamation but you get my point.

Then we now want to pass laws that muzzle NGOs…NGOs literally feed our populations, educate us, employ our youth, keep our healthcare running. When they call for good governance and voice their displeasure at the political greed we react by stifling the same resources that they use to build this economy and provide services that our government ought to but is unable to provide. Talk of mediocrity of the highest order! What weed are our parliamentarians smoking that they can’t seem to see beyond the smoke bellowing from their nostrils?

I am starting to get mad so let me just hit publish already before I say something that will make me the next Bongoko Bosire

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  1. eunice kirigo odada says:

    choices have consequences… enough said


  2. I get you…you are almost screaming “I told you so!!”


  3. a bit late though,,,The hauge issue is part and parcel of us now,no one would try and separate that with our country especially when you made a choice to elect his excellency the president and his deputy with full knowledge that they are indictees;as the famous prhase goes 'choices have consequences'.
    the truth is ,the president once said that the same issue was his personal challenge but no sooner had he got sworn into office before than his ability to make a binding decisions,not even to himself,changed.as you might have noticed,everything changed including his shifting his home to statehouse.
    oh,and another thing I noted,why would you ever compare duale with marende,i never heard you mention muturi; let me explain to you as you put it the 'duale logic' .duale as a majority leader,above all has his primary duty, in the house and that is to be defensive of his masters and so does everyother member in the house,I would give him a B for that since he has so much to do still.autonimity of parliament only exist theoretically,a fact we must reckon with indeed.
    about the press,civil society I wont comment much but I would want to say that there has to be sanity everywhere and nobody should misuse hi/her rights to an extent that the next person isn't cormfortable


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