Commercializing the gospel?

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Christianity, Churches, Commercializing Christianity, gospel, Gospel Music
On Sunday I was watching Kubamba (a gospel music show that airs on Citizen TV) and I could not stop wondering if we were trying so much to make the gospel appeal to the secular world – so much so that we have lost “the word” in the process.

In my very little understanding of God’s word and Christian Ministry, the main purpose of Christianity is winning souls to Christ. Whether it’s through teaching the word by pastors, music ministry and any other form of Christian art. Today you look at the kind of music we call gospel and wonder if that kind of music really shows a non-believer something about Christianity.

In many cases most of the music played by these “Christian TV shows” could as well be ordinary club bangers that have the words “Jesus and Bible” randomly thrown in somewhere and the songs miraculously become gospel music. I listen to the messages on some of these songs and struggle to get what Christian view points they express. The artists though will always try hard to argue their points and tell you how “Furi Furi” relates to Christianity but if me as a non-believer don’t get the message in the song or as a believer I don’t find something in the song that builds my faith then the whole sense of that kind of music is lost.

It very much looks to me that every secular artist who is finding it hard to survive in the industry is suddenly going gospel because things look a bit easier on that side as a secular song that did not hit can just be redone and have a few Christian words and quotes randomly thrown in and you have the next “Mateke” on your airwaves. I wouldn’t even go to discussing the lifestyles of these people.

But this is not unique to music and TV shows alone…Our Churches are getting commercial as well. The sermons are no longer about Christian qualities like they are supposed to be. Our preachers are always talking about wealth and how “giving” or “sowing the seed” will result in financial breakthroughs. Every month end the sermons seem to be about tithing and giving.

We have Churches today organizing exhibitions on their Church compounds on Sundays and companies pay to exhibit or sell products in the Church compound. Reminds me of what Jesus did when he found the High Priests had turned His Father’s house into a market place. If Jesus came to our Churches today, what would he do?

As Christians we should strive to oppose the spirit of materialism that dominates the world today. We should be an example to the world…Jesus call us “the light of the world.” That phrase means that the world is in darkness but we are the light that strongly illuminates everything so that people can see the difference and cross over. The practice is otherwise though, we are trying so much to conform to today’s worldly trends instead of having the world recognize us for because of how different we are. At the end of it all we just remain the same in our music, our values and every other aspect of life.

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