My message to the voters of Siaya

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

This message is directed to the voters in Siaya but I know well that very few of them read my blog or have access to the internet so I will talk to them through those of you who do.

Dear Good people of Siaya,

Let me start by saying “good morning from Kisumu County”. It gives me pleasure to share a few things with you this morning from this other side of the border. I am writing as your friend, neighbor and in-law, so you know I have stakes in your county too.  About two months ago just before the people of Makueni went to the polls, I wrote them something that I wanted them to ponder about even as they were making that important decision. You can read about it here.

Today it’s your turn and I feel that like a good neighbor, I owe you a few words of advice.  In my message to the people of Makueni, I warned them about sacrificing leadership at the alter of competition between CORD and Jubilee. The coming elections in your county has been in many forums likened to Makueni. Today I want to spend my time telling you why you should not go the Makueni way.

If you read my post about the underlying factors in the Makueni by-election, you probably remember me asking: “Where are the people of Makueni in all this?”

Today I might change the question and ask “Where are the people of Siaya?”

I have read about, heard and watched references made to a battle between CORD and Jubilee in Siaya. I am yet to see a Jubilee candidate in Siaya – even though if there was one, he or she has every right to run for office in that county and be given an opportunity to lead if the people deem it worthy.

I have heard people say in campaign rallies that the battle for Siaya is a battle between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta. That was said by none other than a top politician from this region and it left me wonder what our politicians take us for.

My message for the people of Siaya is straight – the battle between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta was fought and we all know who emerged victorious but if in any case when you go to the ballot on Thursday and find Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga‘s name on the ballot, my dear friends from Siaya I besiege you to make sure that you all vote for Raila Odinga.

That is very unlikely though, so on Thursday you will without doubt found the names of Cornell Rasanga  and William Oduol on that ballot, good people from Siaya choose leadership. We are at a point where a political party or an individual will not help us develop our region. All we need is a visionary leader irrespective of which political party he/she comes from. He might be from the smallest clan in Siaya, he might be a jadak , he might be from an unknown political party but if he offers you hope and speak to your dreams and aspirations then go ahead and give him/her your vote. We all want to see a new Siaya, a prosperous Siaya that will contribute to the development of the Lake Counties.

I hope that you read between my lines and get my message loud and clear. The Lake counties are watching if you are ready to stand up and be counted.

I wish you a very peaceful, free and fair elections. Vote wisely.


Ominde Ka’Wambura
                                          Follow me on Twitter @IamOminde


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