We Are One – more than a slogan

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
I know you are probably wondering why it took me so long to write anything about this…well if you have been reading my posts regularly you will realize that I rarely write about current affairs – especially because that is what everybody writes about. I wasn’t going to write anything at all until I saw some blog post this morning bashing the We Are One campaign and referring to it as a “fake sense of patriotism.” You can read that crap here.

Well it’s not the first time I was coming across such comments in the social media…some of them even made it to the traditional media and to me that is nothing but mediocre reasoning.


We have our problems…VAT is killing us, ethnicity is dividing us, our politicians’ greed, poverty and the list is endless. WeAreOne was about putting our socio-economic differences aside and coming together to fight a common enemy.

I am yet to see a homogeneous society – not even the most united family is really “united.” I have seen brothers fight…I have had fights with all my brothers but that doesn’t mean that I hate anyone of them or that I would wish harm on anyone of them. WeAreOne in this scenario would mean that I can fight with my brother yes but when somebody from the outside tries to harm my brother we will put our differences aside and we will fight that outsider together.

That was the message that Kenyans were sending to the attackers: “we may have our problems but when you harm one of us you harm all of us.” and It worked.

I would call it “fake patriotism” if people were only posting that on tweeter and doing nothing to help the situation but that was not the case with Kenya. People in Marsabit, Kisii, Lamu, Busia were donating blood to help the victims not withstanding that they were hundreds of miles away from the epicenter of the tragedy. Tell me what is fake about that…and the Ksh. 100 Million they donated to people they don’t even know?

I would call people who are close to me in times of plenty but run away from me in my time of need as fake but I wudn’t use the same term to describe people who are not so much my friends but come to my rescue when I’m in need. I guess that is what the Swahili wise men had in mind when they said: “akufaaye kwa dhiki ndiye rafiki.”

So don’t give me that crap about #WeAreOne being fake because from where I stand I see our blood literally flowing in each other’s veins – which other kind of oneness did you want to see that beats that? I saw men (civilians) rush into Westgate mall to save people they were not related to just because they were fellow humans and in the process putting their own lives at risk. I saw brave soldiers pay the ultimate price and you are telling me they were faking it?

I saw Africans carrying Asians on their back taking them to safety…I was white men carrying black men to safety while bullets fly all over and you tell me they were faking it!!

I believe in God…and I believe that he used this tragedy to remind us that despite the numerous challenges that we have dividing us, we are indeed one nation, one people under one God. We Are One!!

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