MAKUENI RACE – more than a by-election

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
It is not a secret that CORD and JUBILEE do not see eye to eye, especially when it comes to the coalitions’ top leadership. It is like the country has not moved on from the election mode and deep rooted mistrusts is the order of the day between the two coalitions. It’s effect on the economy is not something that I would try to delve into right now.

This deep rooted mistrust has resulted into both sides trying hard to push the other into a submissive corner. First it was withdrawing the former PM and VP’s security detail and only leaving them with a functional minimum, then the VIP section of the airport ban, then the ultimatum on them to retire from politics to get their retirement package and it doesn’t end there.

CORD has been on JUBILEE’s necks too, criticizing every effort they make towards meeting their pre-election pledges. Challenging their victory and so much more…

Then Makueni happened

The death of Hon. Mutula Kilonzo provided the two coalitions with another opportunity to test their mights against each other with both factions trying to win the seat to boost their numbers in the senate but also to gain some bragging rights.

This saw Jubilee trying to front Nduku to run against Kethi for the same seat, but Kethi came out as the bigger character by refusing to run against her step-mother. Feeling the shame, JUBILEE dropped Nduku and settled for Kaloki to run against Kethi.

And we all know it was not going to be a smooth sailing for Kethi…JUBILEE questioned the validity of her registration and eventually managed to get her out of the race. CORD were however handed a lifeline when they were offered a second opportunity to nominate a replacement candidate.

So they settled on Mutula Kilonzo Jr.

This is probably because they see it easier for a Kilonzo to win back the seat than it will be for a new comer being that they only had one week left to go to the polls!

What is CORD and JUBILEE playing for?

Well CORD and JUBILEE if you ask me are not any different, they both want numbers and bragging rights. CORD maintaining a seat in a swing county like Makueni will help boost their ego and probably Kalonzo Musyoka will turn out to be the most influential sibling compared to her arch rival Charity Ngilu 9who claims to have quit politics for public service).

But above all for both coalitions it’s all about bragging rights.

Where are the people of Makueni in all this?

This is most probably a question I should have asked several weeks ago. The truth is though that as the JUBILEE and CORD are flexing their muscles against each other, the people of Makueni are the proverbial “nyasi ndiyo huumia” … their issues and agenda that they would like their next senator to drive has been relegated to the back seat.

I won’t be surprised if Mutula Kilonzo Jr wins the seat, I actually want him to win. I must say that I come from Kisumu county though and I do not understand the needs of the people of Makueni and I am probably just supporting the candidature of Mutula because he is a Mutula – Period!! The same goes for the other millions of Kenyans behind Mutula or Kaloki.

That I am an Okoth Ka’Wambura does not necessarily mean that I live up to my father’s ideals. Truth be told I am very different from my own father. So voting for Mutula Jr just because he is a Mutula does not necessarily mean that we will have the same man we had in his father in him.

The people of Makueni should search their souls today as they go in to the by-election and vote for the candidate who will push forward their developmental agenda and not allow themselves to be sucked in to the supremacy battles between CORD and JUBILEE.

Having said that, I am hoping Mutula Kilonzo Jr wins this election…after all I am not from Makueni.

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