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Kisumu county might loose on the benefits that were intended to come from devolution unless and util they recall their governor. It is not clear whether the recall clause still exists in our constitution but legal experts should look in to that and advice the residents of Kisumu appropriately.

The people of Kisumu are largely dissatisfied with the performance of Jack Ranguma who seems keen on seeking a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of being proactive in terms of promoting investment in Kisumu.

Kisumu is now lagging behind in development initiatives with the governor not showing any intention in attracting development to this town.

ODM is partly to blame for Kisumu’s woes due to the fact that they held a sham nominations exercise that led to the nomination results in Kisumu being nullified and Jack Ranguma being given direct nominations despite the fact that Kisumu had other stronger candidates who had a vision for the county such as Atieno Atieno (advocate of the High Court), Rhoda Ahonobadha (former Manager with AFC and lecturer GLUK) and Prof. Billy Kariaga among others. Jack Ranguma only had one opponent in the general elections who was also a very weak candidate vying on a TNA ticket.

It is of high importance that the residents of Kisumu start seeking ways of ensuring that they remove Ranguma from office and replace him with a man or woman of high integrity but above all great vision for the county in order to catch up with counties such as Machakos that are making great strides in wooing investors.

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  1. Kiage Edgar says:

    I think the question here should be… is he ready to work? Is he ready to bring this great county of many big names to the stature of even Nairobi leave alone Machakos?


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