Pleasant surprise….

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
Life is full of surprises and this morning I am pleasantly surprised…there is nothing bigger than waking up to news that you have won a coveted national award in your profession or within your industry. For musicians locally it’s winning the Kisima Award, for athleters its the KOYA but in our world of blogging it’s the Bloggers Association of Kenya awards (BAKE Awards).

I entered two blogs into this year’s competition. It was the first time I was entering and I had a hard time choosing what to enter because I have about six public blogs and one private blog that many people read but never know it’s owned by me because I don’t sign it like the rest of my blogs and it is not associated with any of my known e-mail accounts. I couldn’t enter it though.

So I entered this blog and Siasa 254 a political blog I started late last year. I din’t expect any to win though and I din’t care to followup and see if I was even nominated. That means I din’t ask my readers to vote for me in any forum.

So today I got a tweet from the bloggers association of Kenya asking me to DM them my contacts – I din’t know why. So I did that and went about my usual routine until I posted a new piece in the blog Siasa 254. So while I was looking at my stats I saw that one of the sites referring readers to my blog was  Bloggers Association of Kenyans and when I followed the link I got this shock:

Below are the winners of this year’s BAKE Kenyan Blog Awards 2013 which took place tonight at the Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel.
1 Best Business Blog
2 Best Political Blog
3 Best Sport Blog
4 Best Technology Blog
5 Best Topical Blog
6 Best Travel Blog
7 Best Corporate Blog
8 Best Creative Writing Blog
9 Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog
10 Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog
11 Best Fashion Best
12 Best Food Blog
13 Best New Blog
14 Best Photography Blog
15 Kenyan Blog of the Year

Please forgive me for getting shocked because I din’t even attend the awards!! I was lost for words, I had fallen great giants in the field of political blogging and emerged tops among bloggers most of whom are practicing and former journalists. I like writing and I have never shied from writing whatever is on my mind irrespective of the impact that it is going to have. But I have also used my blog to preach peace and tolerance more so towards the election period.

To everyone who voted for me I am deeply humbled. To those who pushed me through and kept me writing I will forever be indebted to you. To my Media Law lecturer Eston Kwach and My News writing and reporting lecturer Monica Omollo this award is yours too.

Vybez awards is coming up too and it’s too bad they don’t have a category for bloggers. Like it or not blogging is an art and it is time you seriously reconsidered your stand on including us in your awards but like they say the stone that the builders rejected has found even a better use.

Talking of Vybez Awards my homegirl Linnet Ogutu who hosts Karaoke at Latitude Lounge Kisumu every wednesday has been nominated for the category of best MC in the Vybez Awards 2013. The short codes are not out yet but be ready to vote when they come out. You can catch up with her tomorrow night at Latitude Lounge Kisumu for Karaoke night. Tonight its Rhumba Burnout at the same venue.

Kisumu is ready for take-off this weekend, the biggest party in East Africa will be happening live at Latitude Lounge Kisumu and broadcast all over Africa on Zuku Afrika Ch. 100 on Zuku TV. Hyped East Africa, the regions premier travel and entertainment TV show will be live from Kisumu City for the first time and hosted by the award winning Dj Nijo and Latitude’s Dj Solly.

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