Real Issues

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
It is that time that comes once every five years when politicians criss-cross the country promising heaven to their constituents but without providing them with a clear layout on how they are going to take them there and not somewhere else like hell?

Watching the news lately has been somewhat a drag to me lately with politicians promising the same things I would promise if I was running today not bearing in mind that I do not have the capacity to deliver that.

My point is, anybody can make promises but delivery is another thing all together. So as we are about to make this major decision about who is going to be Kenya’s next CEO we do not want to decide based on promises alone but rather promises coupled with a clear laid down strategy on how that is going to be achieved.

Like I always say, the media has to play a very important role in ensuring that they help the general public in interrogating these issues.

For instance when aspirants promise double digit economic growth, we should be informed of how this is going to be achieved. What sectors are going to be developed to drive this growth and what key measurable steps are going to be taken so that the ordinary Kenyan can understand and feel this promised growth.

What do our aspirants have when it comes to addressing real issues affecting Kenyans which are poverty, insecurity, corruption, ethnicity and workers rights among many other issues? These are things that our media must interrogate so that we can clearly see which candidates are better placed to address the real issues that Kenyans are faced with.

We really need to engage each other when it comes to deciding who becomes Kenya’s next CEO. We complain about ethnicity and its effects but when we vote in leader based our tribal affiliations we are killing the same cause we are trying to advocate for.

The truth is there is no direct benefit that will come to any of us just because we come from the same tribe as the president. What we need is a president who will respect and uphold the rights and freedoms enshrined in the constitution which includes a fair distribution of the state’s resources.

So if you wont benefit directly when the president comes from your tribe, why don’t you vote for someone else who does not necessarily comes from your tribe but addresses issues that are of concern to you such as employment creation, poverty alleviation, improved healthcare and so on?

Why won’t you vote for a president of good moral standing in front of not only the people of Kenya but the whole world? Somebody who will attract foreign investments not trade sanctions.

Our next president should be someone of integrity, a champion for peoples rights not and individual with a tainted image and a perpetrator of injustices to the common citizen.

This is why you need to stop and think deeply before deciding who you are voting for.

I know my vote is my secret but I would rather have a clean conscience on 5th March 2013 knowing that I did not vote based on my tribal affiliations but on real issues and it doesn’t matter whether my vote will carry the day or not – what matters is I did the right thing. It should matter to you too.

                                                UKABILA NI UJINGA, VOTE WISELY
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