Tribe-all generation

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
By Edgar Kiage (Edited by Daniel Ominde)

Diplomatic passports, VIP
treatment, Drivers/Body guards,
state funeral…. and 9.3M!…

Me thinks whoever is
still stuck with the tribal mentality
when voting, there you have it! 
Yourtribesman is not so tribal after all!
He is super selfish! He did not think
about your bills, your school fees,
your health, your food…! 
Oh! Buthe is securing his comfort! 
He doesnot want to interact with you, 
even at the airport… he wants you to pay
for a driver/bodyguard, so that
when he is in public (read near you),
 He has some level of personal
If you idolize him that much,
then go ahead, vote your tribes man…
Or woman.
Because he is very sure you will
Always be that idiot who thinks
with his tribe instead of his head.

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