Martha Karua – the policies she running on

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

The policy areas that Martha will focus on are briefly indicated, but not limited to, the issues highlighted below.

Martha Karua recognizes the importance of establishing infrastructure that is rooted in economic development and security as a necessary foundation for the key areas of Food Security, Good Governance, Job Creation & Youth Engagement, Health and Education.

Martha also recognizes that development of sound and comprehensive policy will require continued engagement from experts and relevant stakeholders and she invites contribution of ideas so that together, we can develop policies that put Kenyans first and take Kenya to greater heights.

Erode the power of impunity through a new spirit of CONSTITUTIONALISM
Faithful and realistic implementation of the Constitution
Respect for our national diversity and a shared ‘Kenyanity’
Fight corruption from the front line and inspire a new faith in our public service

Expand, improve and maintain transport, water, ICT and energy INFRASTRUCTURE
Green Governance: prioritize clean, renewable and affordable energy for industry and homes.
Increase household connectivity from current 12% to 50% in 5years.
Water security through targeted investments and environmental protection
Safety and reliability in air, road, rail and an expanded water transport
Bold support for home-grown innovators to secure Kenya’s position as continental ICT hub

Empower industries, innovators, traders and communities to create JOBS within a MORAL ECONOMY
Seal loopholes in the financial sector and reinforce fiscal discipline across government.
Income tax burden by broadening tax bracket and eradicating official corruption that raises tax on energy, food and essential commodities
Commitment to national debt reduction.
Protect workers, reduce capital flight, and reward domestic job creators, industries and innovators through targeted incentives.

Invest in our farmers, solve distribution problems and ensure sustainable national FOOD SECURITY
Commit 10% of annual budget to agriculture as required by continental policy standards
Diversify eating habits and address infrastructural challenges to market access, post-harvest handling.
Restore farmers through technical support and financial support, and price guarantees for essential food crops

Pursue a cost-effective ‘Cradle-to-Grave’ UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE and a responsive, comprehensive EDUCATION
Comprehensive health system strengthening with focus on public education, preventive medicine and institutional recovery
Prioritize infectious diseases, maternal and child health
Deliver education as experience and education as positively responsive to the needs of industry and society
Invest in Middle-level colleges, revamp and broaden scope of Youth Polytechnics, and revamp research support to public institutions

Secure Kenya’s regional advantage, national security, and diaspora engagement through a ROBUST FOREIGN POLICY
Defend Kenya’s territorial integrity and prioritize the safety & security of border communities
Establish a Diaspora Investment Authority (DIA) to encourage and secure investments by Kenyans
Humanize our Police service through comprehensive reforms in entry qualifications, terms, equipment, and continuous professional training
Market and consolidate our strategic advantage as regional diplomatic, financial and technological hub.


                                               UKABILA NI UJINGA
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