For the love of art

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Janeqo Ahenda, Kisumu

Finally awakening from my slumber…men! That has been one long endless formation of unbelievable scenarios in my mind in the name of dreams. So there I was in tights and shit, looking like a giraffe in a dance studio dancing away to Adele’s one with some sponge bob that broke my heart.if we are friends or acquaintances , which I believe we are and that’s why you got tagged in this- you are probably smiling away, cause one way or another you have had the trauma of watching me dance, and it would be appreciated if all u would say to questions on the same by your friends be…….mmmmmhhhhh!

So I’d like to bead something red and golden tonight for the big week, but I’ve got this area right under my rib cage giving me a bit of a hustle with certain sitting positions cause of some sharp pain in that area. Caused by a number of explanations that the doc gave.I’ve got a million curses to it which all boil down to, am in pain but apparently okay and I can’t work from my regular position. Trust me, nothing cranks me up than that. I mean, couldn’t pain find a better day to strike than a period when I should be working really hard?? Am a week late on my production, it definitely is the worst time to not be able to work .

I feel like I’ll run mad. Oh! Wait, that I already am. Lol. So since am feeling shitty and all and need some warming up, I’ve got James blunt plugged to my ears who decides to blare on how he’s outta his mind. Ha!! honestly, couldn’t the universe hit me with something better, say, like …….you are beautiful. . . . I mean that one’ll definately, always make a girl feeling blue warm up to yellow. But hey blunt am not complaining cause that makes two of us proclaiming it dude!!!. Who wouldn’t be outta their mind in this world anyway?

So May is here! Way sooner than I would have wanted it to come, and to give it a Tiara, its mid – month tomorrow. Mmmhhhh!!!!! Its here anyway. all I gotta have a grasp on is the art of slowing down time.
Anyway, away from all the jidaraga baga…. The last week of this month, from the 22nd to 27th @ the Art House Kisumu, from 9.00a.m to 6pm, interest yourself in a captivating moment of strolling into a collabo exhibition and sale of paint against jewellery. A splash of great colour blends directed by the professional brush of Nyambok for your homes,restaurants/bars, hospitals and offices and the unique, elegant accessories by Janeqo both for him/ her and the little ones. Get a one on one talk with the artist and designer. Understand their work and the meanings of some of the unique pieces. Also Make orders for personalized pieces.

On the 27th The last day of this exhibition which will be at the hillbrow restaurant, northern deck,the Krietiv mainds from DALA. Our own Kisumu Artists Network (performers chapter)will be showcasing some of their great talents, from 7pm to 9pm. Don’t miss out on The Afro music by xoul afriq and his band, lohkali’s Hip hop, the theatrical acts, Thurd poets, janeqo word speakers, readers and you’ll definately tempt your bones when the Bermuda ragga team, trickster dancers and YAWA dancers hit the dance floor.

Carry your appetites with you too for a new twist to the visual and performing arts joining the art parade. The edible arts. This month our tastebuds will receive a tantalizing shock effect by our guest chefs from the twists of krietiv samosas. Prepared from beef, chicken, fish, green grams, potatoes and peas, beans and fried rice. All served with kachumbari or fried sauces all marinate in tarmerine juice (ukwaju). Eeeiiiiiyyyy!!!!!! Gotta stop typing.i just got really hungry. Talk later. Also on display will be some of these beautiful paintings by Victor Nyambok carry some money and grab a few for your wall.

Photos used in this article courtesy of Angie “Janeqo” Ahenda, Lorah Jean-Louis,Victor Nyambok, Internet Sources


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